One of the most soothing and relaxing things we can do is to climb into a warm bath or take a nice hot shower. It just relaxes the muscles and joints and tends to wash away the realities of the world, even for a moment. Many of us take that luxury for granted. However some people, through injury or advanced age or debilitating illness, have lost that freedom. For whatever the reason, they no longer feel safe and secure in their bathtub or shower. That’s just not right. Everyone should be able to feel safe, comfortable, have peace of mind, and be independent in their bathroom.

Thankfully, now there are many options qualified bath remodelers can add to your bathroom to give you back your bathing independence. Below are a list of accessibility options to consider to give you and your loved ones the peace of mind and bathing independence they deserve:

  • Non-slip surfaces: Shower and tub surfaces can be slippery and hazardous. Non-slip surfaces help to increase traction and stability
  • Safety Grab Bars: Another wonderful safety accessory is our selection of stylish safety grab bars that add an extra measure of security.
  • Barrier-Free Showers: We also carry a beautiful line of customizable barrier-free showers that are great for those that have issue stepping over thresholds or require a shower with wheelchair access.
  • Shower Pedestals: Shower pedestals and bench seats allow homeowners the feeling of safety and relaxation while showering.
  • Step-Through Inserts: If you find yourself concerned about being able to safely step into a bath, but don’t want to sacrifice your ability to bathe, step-through inserts may be a viable solution. A portion of the wall is removed and replaced with an aesthetically pleasing low-threshold insert.
  • Walk-in Tubs: Walk-in tubs give homeowners a safe, relaxing, independent bathing experience. Many walk-in tubs also offer hydrotherapy jets that can aide in relaxing aching muscles or pains due to arthritis and other ailments.

Everyone should be able to be independent and still feel safe and secure when bathing. The products above or a combination of them, when properly installed can give that safe, secure bathing independence to those who have be struggling to maneuver in their bathrooms.

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