Remodeling your bathroom often carries the reputation of being a costly and long-term project. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be that way when you choose the right aspect of your bathroom to remodel. At Bath Makeover of Arkansas, we’ve found that the best place to start a bathroom remodel is at the focal point of the space. This focal point or centerpiece is going to be your primary bathing apparatus, which is the bath or shower. For our purposes today, we’re going to detail the idea of replacing a bath. The first thing to assess is if you even need a full replacement bath or if you can get away with a quick liner installation.

Is a Replacement Bath Necessary?

The simplest answer to this question is yes. If you’re in a position in which your bath is consistently stained, leaking, or full of mold and mildew, then a replacement bath is the best way to go. However, your decision also depends on your financial situation. Not everyone can absorb the cost of replacing their bathtub and it’s for those on a tighter budget that we have bath liners as an affordable alternative. They provide you with much of the same benefits that a replacement bathtub would, only at a lower price.

Despite the lower cost, we do recommend having a replacement tub installed if it’s within your financial means. This is because a new bathtub will last longer than a liner and bath liners are a cover up at best. This means that the stains and deformities of your old tub still lie beneath. Though it doesn’t necessarily affect the performance of your liner, it can still prove to be problematic if the liner was improperly installed or forms a leak. Furthermore, some homeowners find liners to be uncomfortable and soft beneath their feet. Though we’ve not had this issue with any of our liner installations, we do recommend doing your research if you decide to invest in a liner from another company.

Get a Replacement Bath in One Day

Unlike other bathroom remodelers, we work at your convenience and toward your satisfaction. Our remodeling process is designed to be efficient and expedient. At your request, our bath design experts will come to your home to take the precise measurements needed for your custom-made replacement bath. The reason we do things this way is to ensure that the actual installation process goes smoothly and quickly. By using precise measurements to create your replacement tub, we ensure a perfect fit into your existing tub space once the tear out of your old tub is completed. This dramatically reduces installation time and labor costs. To learn more about how our replacement baths are designed to better you homecontact Bath Makeover of Arkansas today!