There’s somewhat of a debate among home Little Rock homeowners and that debate is centered on the hot topic of bath remodeling. Many are curious as to whether replacement bathtubs have an advantage over bath liners and vice versa. There really isn’t an easy answer to this question since both options are appealing and either one works as a way to beautify your bathroom. Despite the challenge, the experts at Bath Makeover of Arkansas are here to help you identify the pros and cons of each option. We believe that once clarification between the two is made and how they benefit you, a decision will become clear.

Make a Statement with Replacement Baths

replacement bathtub is exactly what it sounds like in that it’s a legitimate replacement for your old, worn down tub. Our baths are made using some of the highest quality acrylics that make them resistant to chipping, scratching, peeling, fading, and staining. They even have a strong resistance against mold and mildew. Having qualities like these make our baths very low maintenance so you have to spend less time maintaining your bath can spend more time enjoying it. Additionally, we offer our tubs with several customizable options including shapes, colors, and patterns. Since our baths are custom-made, they will fit perfectly in your existing tub space too. The only drawback of a replacement tub is financial feasibility. Though all of our products are affordable and we are constantly running specials to aid in affordability, some homeowners aren’t quite ready to make the jump of replacing their bathtub. It’s for this reason that we carry high-quality bath liners as well.

High-Quality Affordability with Bath Liners

Homeowners that can’t absorb the cost of a replacement bathtub can find a lovely alternative in our high-quality bath liners. The effect is similar to replacing your tub in that you get a bath that is beautifully remodeled to show no physical damage or stains of any sort. Additionally, our liners are made using the same high-quality materials as our replacement baths so you get the same benefits of durability and low-maintenance. Our liners are available in several beautiful colors and patterns to match your current bathroom and they’re custom-made to create a perfect fit for installation directly over your existing bathtub. The installation of a bath liner will typically take a day or less so you can be back to enjoying a pristine bathing experience before you know it.

Which Works Best for You

When it comes time to decide whether you want a bath liner or full replacement bath, the decision is largely up to you. For some, the benefits of a replacement bath aren’t necessarily worth the extra cost; others would rather have a full replacement instead of just covering up the issue. Regardless of which you choose, Bath Makeover of Arkansas has made sure to carry both options to be sure that you can have the bathroom of your dreams at a price you can afford. To learn more about our fantastic bathroom remodeling options contact us today for a free consultation.