The convenience of accessible bathing doesn’t have to be outside of your reach any longer when you have the experts from Bath Makeover of Arkansas at your side. We have premier accessible bathing installations at our disposal to ensure that your bathing independence is retained no matter the circumstance. Our most popular accessibility product is our walk-in tub. This particular product has made the rounds in accessible bathing circles and is largely regarded as the standard for helping homeowners retain their bathing independence. The combination of the low-threshold entrance and leak-proof door give homeowners the ability to safely enter their bathing space without sacrificing a deep soak. Furthermore, features like the chair-height seat and warm water jets make your bathing experience far more comfortable than it ever could’ve been in a standard bathtub.

The Convenience of Walk-in Access

Regardless of whether it’s due to age or unfortunate circumstance, the lack of being able to bathe independently is a dreadful drawback that no one wants to experience. Fortunately, our walk-in tubs make it so no one ever has to suffer this fate. The low-threshold entrance makes getting into your tub as simple as taking a regular step. In addition to the walk-in access that our walk-in tubs bring, you also receive a more relaxing and comfortable bathing experience with a chair-height seat, jets for warm water and air, easy to reach controls, and a handheld shower wand. All of these features work toward giving you a bathing experience reminiscent of a spa retreat. The benefit of walk-in access isn’t the only one that exists with our walk-in tubs as they are also great for relieving sore muscle aches and pains. Additionally, they’re great for diabetics since they help to increase blood flow throughout the body.

Bathe Independently with Our Accessibility Products

Walk-in tubs aren’t the only way to bathe accessibly in your Arkansas home as we offer several other accessible bathing options that include barrier-free showers and step-through inserts. These options are great for homeowners that are more accustomed to showering. If you have trouble deciding which accessibility product is best for your home, then the experts at Bath Makeover of Arkansas are more than happy to help you choose. Find out more about the wonderful bathroom remodeling options we have by contacting us to schedule your free consultation today!