Know the Best Time for a Bathroom Remodel

Watch Out for These Signs in Your Bathroom

There comes a time in every homeowner’s life in which they will have to remodel parts of their Morrilton home. Despite the need, many homeowner try and avoid this as long as possible, which can lead to greater grief and discomfort than necessary. Bathrooms often fall victim to procrastination like this, which can cause overall dissatisfaction with your bathing experience as well as several other issues. At Bath Makeover of Arkansas, we want to help you with the issues that can arise when you put off your bathroom remodel. Our qualified experts will help you identify common telltale signs that indicate you need to remodel your Morrilton bathroom.

Signs Your Bathroom Needs Work:

  • Leaking Baths or Showers: Common areas in which leaks can form are around the drain and curb of your bath and shower. Leaks in these spaces can lead to severe water damage to your walls, flooring, and ceiling (if bathroom is on upper level). If you suspect a leak, then contact one of our professionals for assistance.
  • Consistently Moldy: If you find that your bathtub or shower is constantly covered in minor mold stains, then your bathing apparatus is most likely nearing the end of its lifespan. It’s best to replace fixtures in this condition to avoid constant maintenance.
  • Cracked Tub or Shower: Damage to your shower or bath can lead to a series of problems, including leaks and hidden pockets of mold and mildew. Furthermore, it can severely dampen your overall bathing experience.
  • Unattractive: There are several bathrooms that aren’t designed to meet the high-quality standards of the modern homeowner. If you find yourself with a bathroom like this, then a remodel is usually your best option.
  • Issues with Accessibility: If you’re experiencing issues with your mobility, then you need to update your bathroom to accommodate you. Otherwise, you risk severe injury every time you try to bathe or shower.

Remodeling Professionals for Your Bathroom

If you have any of the above issue in your Morrilton bathroom, then you need to reach out to the professionals here at Bath Makeover of Arkansas. We carry a variety of high-quality bathroom remodeling options that can breathe new life into your existing bathroom. Best of all, each of our products can be installed in a short amount of time so the process doesn’t interrupt your daily routine. We even have options that can be done in a day or less and don’t require any messy tear outs of your existing fixtures. Don’t wait until it’s too late for your bathroom and contact ustoday to schedule your free consultation!

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