Affordable Accessibility with Inserts & Barrier-Free Bases

Find Comfortable Access with Our Budget-Friendly Options

Remodeling your Lonoke bathroom doesn’t have to be a costly process. In fact, we have two wonderful accessible bathing options available here at Bath Makeover of Arkansas that are designed for those with a more limited budget. This makes it possible for anyone to have the benefits of accessible bathing, which is very important with regards to health. Our two budget-friendly accessibility products are step-through inserts and barrier-free shower bases. Each of these options can be installed in as little as a day so you can enjoy accessible bathing convenience sooner. Though these options may not be as lavish as some of our others, they do serve their functional purpose of allowing for a more accessible bathing experience. Additionally, we have a number of colors and patterns available so these installations can perfectly match your existing tub or shower space.

Benefits & Features of Inserts & Barrier-Free Bases

  • Affordable Accessibility: These options are highly affordable so whether you have a shower or tub, you can enjoy greater accessibility and peace of mind.
  • Quick Installation: Both of these products can be installed in as little as a day since the barrier-free base is installed directly in the shower and the step-through insert is placed in a section of your tub wall that we remove.
  • Custom-Look: We have a variety of colors and patterns from which to choose so your new, affordable accessible installation can match or enhance the existing look of your bathing apparatus.
  • Low-Maintenance: Each of our acrylics are non-porous and without grout lines. These qualities make our inserts and barrier-free bases highly resistant to mold and mildew. Since they don’t gather mold or mildew, they are exceptionally easy to clean and typically won’t require any hard scrubbing or harsh cleaners.
  • Absolute Fit: We custom-make each of our bathroom installations to ensure an absolute fit every time. We take the exact measurements needed of your bathing space and form your new bathroom fixture to the perfect shape.

Remove Inaccessibility in Your Lonoke Bathroom

Regardless of which of these affordable options you choose to have installed in your Lonoke bathroom, you can rest assured that you will experience a safer way of bathing. Each of these options help eliminate the threat of suffering a fall when entering or exiting your bath or shower. Furthermore, the barrier-free shower base allows wheelchair access into the shower so people of any ability can enjoy the pleasure of a nice warm shower independently. Engage in a more accessible way to bathe without spending a fortune on a full remodel by contacting us to set up a free consultation today!

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